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-Save money by displaying the character count in text messages
-Learn the name of that song you just heard on the radio
-Save time with keybord shortcuts
-And more tips to get more out of your iPhone

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Get More Productive

Want to be able to get more done with your iPhone and faster? There are a lot of ways to get more productive with the iPhone – from typing tricks, special applications, and other shortcuts.

Better iPhone Battery Life

The iPhone can do so much and so fast. The downside is that your phone may not have the best battery life – and it may be getting worse. Luckily if you know what you’re doing you can improve your battery life by a lot.

iPhone Basics

The iPhone is a powerful and useful device. Although the interface is pretty easy to use, check out these articles to see if you can get more out of the basics of your iPhone than you thought.

Secure Your Personal Information

Because the iPhone is so portable and advanced it’s extremely important to make sure it’s secure. A theif could have access to your Facebook account, text messages, pictures, web browsing history – and can even skyrocket your bill!

Insider’s Savings Tips

Did you know, if you know what your doing, you can text for free with the iPhone? There are lots of ways you can save money with your iPhone- if you know how, from music and ringtones, to finding better deals on the things you already buy.

iPhone Videos

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